Heinz Flueckiger has already many years of experience on stage. He started as Heinz Fluckiger ori biografiea rock guitarist, blues harper, even if needed as a drummer, later he played the acoustic guitar and was a singer in various bands. He learned all instruments by self-teaching and still plays by ear, you will never see him read a sheet of music. During the last 15 years he was successfully on tour with his band Dusty Road and made himself well-known in the world of country music. His repertoire is influenced by his music experience and therefore offers a large variety. Characteristical for Heinz Flueckiger is his clear and sonorous voice which makes every song, train or ballad, unforgettable! Years ago, this voice even impressed the famous Johny Cash. After a session together in the concert checkroom he gave Heinz his guitar as a present with the words “keep at it”! In the year 2004 Heinz Flueckiger won the European Country-Award in the category Solo in Pullmann City / Passau in Germany. He won against 13 competitors.


Live-performances at festivals:
Aesch, Allschwil, Albisgüetli, Chur, Col des Roches, Eptingen, Geneva, Grächen, Hombrechtikon, 
Interlaken, Kaiseraugst, Laufen, Lörrach, Niederurnen, Sarnen, Schupfart, Sisseln, Sarnen, D-Lörrach, D-Laufenburg, Wädenswil, Kleewenalp, Münchenstein, Starrkirch, Blues-Festival Basel, Jazz-Night Reinach


Live-performances in pubs and restaurants:
Börse Zürich, Ranch Buchs/ZH, Ranch Biel-Orpund, Drehscheibe Muttenz, Trucker Bar Bern, Dodge City Zofingen, Kentucky Saloon Pratteln and many more


Live-performances in the USA:
New York and Nashville (1995)


Performances on Radio and TV stations:Heinz_vor Cheminee Dez200702
Various interviews on local radio stations
Live broadcast of a 2 hours live concert on Radio EVIVA (1995)
SF1 (1st Swiss National Program) (TAF life 1998)
Commercial for the Grosspeter Garage, Tele Basel 2003
Talkshow TELE-Bar, Tele Basel 2004
Radio Munot, 2004


New Talent-Show at Albisgüetli (1993) 4th price

Swiss Country Award in Worb (1998) 2nd price
International Country Award Pullman City, Deutschland (2004) 1st price


1992: 3 x COUNTRY *together with Horst Krush and Country Pickers


2003: Christmas In Your Arms
2004: Schlof y, mis Chindli (sleep my little child)
2009: Up and Down
(Records awailable at concerts, retailers or under  www.fontastix.ch)