The story about the origin of „Schlof y, mis Chindli“ (sleep my little child)

Schlof y, mis ChindliStudio_Roger1More than 20 years ago Heinz Flueckiger rewrote the song „Buona Notte“, originally written by Rocco Granata in 1963, into a lullaby for his children by adding a refrain in Swiss German dialect and a middle part with a different melody and a Swiss German text as well. The following years offered many opportunities to play this song in public for the children. Each time the children and their parents were thrilled! One of these children, in the meantime mother herself, and many faithful fans and friends wished to have this song for their children or even grandchildren on a CD.


Studio_Heinz1For one single song the production would have been too expensive and therefore the idea was born to produce a CD with many lullabies for children and to include old, almost forgotten songs as a revival, songs like „Schlof Chindli schlof“ (sleep little child) and „I ghöre
n’es Glöggli“ (I hear a little bell) which our parents were singing with us when we were children. But Heinz Flueckiger also gave this production his special touch by adding many own compositions. He managed to persuade his former music colleague Peter Urech (keyboard), a father himself, to join this project and Peter was pleased to include his own song „Mi Stärn“ (my star), Studio_Peter1specially written for this CD. Roger Trüssel, also father of three children and pedal-steel-guitarist in Heinz‘ Country-Band „Dusty Road“ joined as well with his wonderful music contribution. The result was a beautiful collection of Swiss German lullabies loved by small and bigger children but also by adults. The idea behind a lullaby is to calm down the child with words and a nice melody and to help him not to be afraid of the night. Singing together with the parents (or grandparents) is also a kind of ritual and is a useful support, giving the child security before sleeping. All texts are printed to make reading and singing with the children easy!