In the year 1996 the Heinz Flueckiger fan club was created as Dusty Road fan club of Max Mueller, Greifensee. Already soon thereafter the club enjoyed of an increasing number of members. To end of the yearly 1998 the club was led alone by max Mueller. The club had reached already soon a dimension, which could not be mastered no more by a person alone. In the year after Hanni Mühlematter volunteered her help in replying to all the letters they received and doing all the paperwork. She managed this at that time with a lot of humour and charm, going to the letters that she wrote But again the administrative expenses were underestimated, and so at the meeting of January 2000, after some discussions, it was decided that a new solution must be found. It was therefore decided that they needed volunteers so that they could form an executive committee for the band. On that same day 5 volunteers offered their services and were voted in March of that year. Likewise statutes for the club were created, which the sense and purpose of the club clarify to that - the support volume! Each member of the board has his specific range and is for this also partner.
At the general assembly 2005 became, due to the restructuring and start of professional activity of Heinz Flueckiger, to rename the Dusty Road fan Cub in Heinz Flueckiger fan club.


Members of the Heinz Flueckiger fan club receive regularly the newest concert data, as well as the current news approximately around the volume and the fan club. The club executive committee organizes sporadically causes as well as that volume. So the members had to visit the opportunity the volume in their sample restaurants for example. A whole afternoon could from next proximity be observed, what needs it, until a Song is stage ripe. The cause received only positive criticism. The past grill Hocks was likewise only praised. Together with cosiness and fun one enjoyed here above all the fact that the volume members were once only as humans thereby and thus also the time and the possibility for personal discussions was present. Additionally annually various other activities are planned, natural together with the common concert attendance!


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CHF  40.00 per person yearly

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CHF  20.00 per person yearly

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Executive committee:


Raymond Provoost
Sonnenweg 3
4144 Arlesheim
+41(0)61 702 21 44


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Vice president:

Rolf Zobrist
Martinsstrasse 22
5623 Boswil
+41(0)56 666 10 09



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Regine Küng Fritschin
Rüttenenweg 12
4313 Möhlin
+41(0)61 851 17 41






Dorette Provoost
Sonnenweg 3
4144 Arlesheim
+41(0)61 702 21 44



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