Heinz Flueckiger Fan-Club


Grill Happening

The grill happening in the club takes place every spring and has become a tradition by now! Every year the managing committee organizes with care and commitment an other cosy location and an entertaining event. No matter where it takes place, in a forester’s house or a clubhouse, this event gets more popular every year. The main purpose of it is an informal and happy meeting. The committee is usually supported by the members who contribute to the delicious salad and sweets buffet. Between us, self-made salads and cakes can’t be topped anyway! Everybody brings something to grill and there are always volunteers for the grill job. Of course the committee also takes care of the entertainment! Games, competitions, music and other contributions. No wonder that such a grill happening usually turns out to be an unforgettable event with many nice and happy people!


Drives with Covered Wagons

In 2005 the first tour with covered wagons was organized and the feedback was so overwhelming  that it can be assumed that there will be a next time in the near future! Thanks to the excellent organization by the vice-president and his wife, everybody could spend a wonderful and unforgettable day filled with many nice memories!


Christmas Dinner

The yearly Christmas dinner also belongs to the fix activity program of the fan-club unless there are special Christmas concerts of Heinz Flueckiger planned where the club usually gives hand. The managing committee takes care that Christmas feeling comes up and that everybody can enjoy the evening. Excellent food, a cosy atmosphere, the right music and lovely surprises in a convenient location belong to this event like „A silent night“ belongs to Christmas. The grateful and happy faces of the members are a confirmation and a motivation for the committee members who prepare the event with devotion each time.