Country Festival, Albisgütli, Zürich
     31. January 2009


Once again, Heinz Flueckiger’s performance at the Albisguetli Festival in Zurich was eagerly awaited. Among insiders the information had spread that he had banded together with new musicians. But what kind of music was to be expected?


Band2It didn’t take the old country hearts more than a few measures to hit faster because the proof was given after the first song already: Heinz Flueckiger is „back to the roots“. After a few years of New American Music he missed more and more the traditional Country Music, the heartiness and harmony of this typical traditional music with its special and unique rhythms.
It was by a lucky coincidence that he got to know Francesca Buri and her band. Young musicians who fully identify themselves with the traditional Country Music have joined Heinz Flueckiger in order to live their shared music passion. Very much appreciated by their fans.Heinz Franziska
The concert at the Albisguetli was the first official performance of the group and it received a lot of very positive and enthusiastic feedbacks. The success was really deserved! The audience was thrilled by Francesca Buri’s voice and the musical performance of each single member of the band. Whether Dominic Benz with his bass guitar or especially  Thomas Marmier with his E-Guitar and his banjo – it was a real pleasure to listen to them.



But wait! What was this? Correct! Two of the musicians were known to us from former concerts with Heinz Flueckiger and Band. Marcel Roth as competent as ever at the drums and Martin Weber on his unique pedal steel guitar. Hearing him playing his pedal steel you think it was created right for him.a Band1
A worthy warm-up session for the evening with Marty Stuart!

Cutouts of the appearance Heinz Flueckiger & Francesca Buri Band at the AlbisGuetli Country Festival 2009 are to be seen on