Country Festival, Albisgütli, Zürich
         Guest Appearance Heinz Flueckiger 6. March 2009 by K.C. Williams
         (Report: CF, Heinz Flueckiger Fan-Club Member)


The concert of K.C. Williams had already been a highlight the year before and therefore we didn’t want to miss this evening.
KC WilliamsK.C. Williams is known for his spontaneity and his ability to get in touch with the audience. He doesn’t know any fear of contact. Nevertheless this evening provided us with some surprising moments!
Let us start from the beginning! The evening was opened by Pepi Hug and his band Firewall. An experienced music formation which convinced us. A large repertoire and a compelling style of music. Compliments! We – all of us faithful fans of Heinz Flueckiger –  were impressed.
After the modification break K.C‘s musicians came on stage and opened his concert. After a couple of measures he followed and – like we are used from him – walked through the audience to the stage. And even before he reached the stage we were in concert mood. K.C. was able to animate the audience and easily transferred his enthusiasm to us.
Cynthia Mae TalleyThe first surprise he presented was a young talented singer: Cynthia Mae Talley, a former background singer of the big stars. K.C. decided spontaneously to take her on his tour to Europe because he believes in her skills as a solo singer. So did we already after the first song! Cynthia convinced us with an amazing voice which remembered us of Patsy Cline.
But that was not all. K.C. offered us a surprise in the second set as well. First we couldn’t believe it when he suddenly invited “Mister Heinz”! and Richard Broadnax to the stage and announced to play a Gospel. Could it be true? Yes, obviously it could! “Our Heinz” was moving in direction of the stage!

Heinz KC Richard 2First he went to the micro and began to
sing „Amazing Grace“ with his warm and deep voice. A shiver ran down our spine! His voice goes deep into the heart – especially when he is singing songs which suit him so well. Most of the guests were standing now and suddenly there was absolute silence in the audience. In the second verse Richard Broadnax joined and surprised us once again with his voice. Richard is a priest in a small village in Switzerland but also gives many Gospel concerts.

Believe me, I would love to attend his sermons. Finally K.C. Williams joined for the last verse and did his best to bring this song to a highlight. The following applause was really thunderous! The three of them deserved it! It was a very impressing performance with three voices able to convey the deep feeling of Gospel.
Heinz Flueckiger got the most precious compliment! Namely from K.C. and Richard: „Heinz, you are the first white with a black voice!”


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