13th Full Moon Night, Rheinfelden
         3. April 2005


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It was cold, even bitterly cold, with a cold breeze and a lot of rain. The full moon was not visible behind the clouds but people came in droves all the same. Only a short time after the concert had started, all tables under the canopy and the tent were taken and the arriving guests had to find a dry place to stand. But soon these places were taken as well and the cold wind could do no harm anymore, warmth was created by a phantastic atmosphere.
Heinz Flueckiger & his Easy Skiffle Group played the cold and later even the clouds away with their sweeping music. Later in the evening even the moon peered through the clouds.


Press Releases

Fricktaler Zeitung 23 March 2005

RHEINFELDEN. The wellknown Country-Musician Heinz Flueckiger will enchant the town park on Saturday, 23 April with his „Easy Skiffle Group“. This music style comes originally from the USA and is called the music of the poor. It is played with all sorts of things used in a household. The country style will also influence the special full moon drink, the beer and the food. The full moon team is looking forward to welcoming many visitors next Saturday, 23 April, at 7:30 pm. This time the bar will be open until 2 o’clock, the entrance is of course free. (fbi)


Fricktaler Zeitung 4 April 2005

RHEINFELDEN. Saturday night, 3 April, 8 pm: Even after adding obviously more seats nearly all places were taken. Country music fans from everywhere joined the regular guests who usually arrive a little bit later. When Heinz Flueckiger started at 9 pm with his „Easy Skiffle Group“ it was so crowded that walking through was  not possible anymore. The team celebrated a big success with 250-300 very satisfied guests. The 14th full moon night in the town park will take place in 2 weeks already. This time it will be different, have a try ...(ingt)