Pullman City, Country-Music-Award 2004
         12.- 14. November 2004


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In November 2004 Heinz Flueckiger was accompanied and supported by his friends and musicians of the Easy Skiffle Group on his trip to Germany to the Award Contest in Pullman City near Eging am See. It was an extremely exciting weekend and everybody was supporting Heinz mentally. Unfortunately the travel bookings forced them all to leave before the award ceremony and so everybody was quite as nervous as before.


But then the news reached us the next day that Heinz Flueckiger had won the first price in his category solo (song and guitar) and everybody was tremendously pleased. He had been successful against 13 competitors and deserved the title well. The contest included singing, guitar playing, variety, performance, choice and interpretation of the songs. The jury was very convinced of Heinz Flückiger’s performance: „the best we ever heard“, „country music on a high level“, “a pleasure to listen to” are some of the many compliments he heard.


Beside Heinz Flückiger’s great success the Western town Pullman City was a great experience itself. The participants realized that the other fans should not miss this and they started planning a fan-club trip there.