CD-Launch Up and Down Heinz Flueckiger & his Easy Skiffle Group
17 October 2009, Kentucky Steakhouse, 4133 Pratteln/ BL


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Caution! Highly contagious….


But - what are we talking about... ?
….. the groove and vitality which Heinz Flueckiger and his Skifflers spread on the occasion of the launch of their CD on 17 October 2009.


Let’s start from the beginning:
Heinz Flueckiger, an exceptional artist – also called "The Voice", has more than 30 years of stage experience – more than 20 years playing country music. Also known under the name Dusty Road –his band is simply called "Heinz Flueckiger and Band" today.

Since the beginning, Heinz had a dream to make „plain” and inartificial music one day. Together with his wife Claudia and his friends he was able to realize this dream.
What was originally planned as a wedding surprise developed its own dynamic. The newly founded band was overwhelmed with demands – they soon needed a larger repertoire.


Heinz Flueckiger and his Easy Skiffle Group are a „unique phenomemon" in Switzerland. Skiffle Music* at this high level is hardly found in Europe.


During that evening, true vitality and enthusiasm for this music could be felt.The Kentucky Steakhouse in Pratteln was packed. The fan club showed up with a large „delegation“ and waited for the performance full of excitement – many fans had in fact been longing for a CD. 
The fan club (according to Heinz Flueckiger the best fan club of the world!) was invited to a fine reception as a reward for its fidelity during the last years. Then, at 8:30 pm punctually the tension grew higher and Heinz and his musicians started to play.
"Baby what you want me to do" was their first song. It grooved from the beginning and one sweeping song after the other followed. Until the moment when Claudia Flueckiger started with her melancholic "Crazy", one of Patsy Cline’s hits, written by Willie Nelson. Claudia performed it in her own and unique way – her voice matching as if the song had been written for her.


The „godfather” for the launch of the CD was the famous Florian Schneider (Phantom of the Opera).
Beside him the photographer Salvatore Becker, the cover designer Markus Pedrolini and – last but not least – the CD „godmother” Franziska Köhli were asked to come on stage.
Accompanied by cheers and applause the new CD was poured over with champagne!
After that the hits went on, all of them to be found on the CD. During the song "The door is always open" Heinz remembered a friend, a musician in Germany, who had wished to participate at the launch but was not able to come due to illness.
During a small break the Heinz Flueckiger fan club presented Heinz a check over CHF 500.--. The fan club has been supporting Heinz since its foundation in 1996 – always with the objective, that the money should be used for a special occasion – for example for the production of a CD.
Claudia Flueckiger mentioned that she was very proud of her husband as he had recorded and mixed the CD by himself in his studio. The studio which had the task to make the finishing touch, had nothing to do in the end.


It was a wonderful, entertaining, emotional evening – many songs were performed with such emotion that one or the other guest got wet eyes. Heinz’s voice is always able to carry us away! Standing ovations and thundering applause in the end made the Skifflers play several extras. Finally Heinz celebrated his wonderful "Amazing Grace" which touches the audience every time.


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