For decades, these four artists have been among the best that Switzerland has to offer in terms of country music. Each has played numerous concerts and has sung himself in the hearts of his fans. Now, these four extraordinary artists stand together on stage for concerts. Based on the model of the US group (The Highwaymen), HEINZ FLUECKIGER, ANDY MARTIN, BUDDY DEE and ALEX KLEIN have joined forces to form the super group "SWISS HIGHWAYMEN". Backed by a top band, the four singers provide a class show, using some songs from the US Highwaymen, some titles from the extensive repertoire of each member, and some songs that have been selected specifically for this project.

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The country singer from Fricktal already looks back on decades of stage experience. For 15 years, he was successful with his band Dusty Road and made a name for himself on the country scene. With his current band (Heinz Flueckiger & the Trailers), he returned to traditional country music and plays with great success on the stage at home and abroad. The hallmark of Heinz Flueckiger is his distinctive, sonorous voice, which, will make every song an unforgettable experience, whether a rhythmical song or ballad! In fact, this voice impressed the legendary Johnny Cash some years ago. After a jam session in the dressing room of a concert, Johnny Cash gave Heinz his guitar with the words: Keep it up! In 2004, Heinz Flueckiger won the European Country Music Award in the individual category, prevailing against 13 competitors in Pullman City/ Passau, Germany.    Heinz "The Voice" (as many call him) is an absolute top artist.

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For 25 years, Andy Martin has been a sure value on the European country music scene. In 2012, he celebrated a quarter of a century "on the road". With his traditional country music style, Andy has played himself into the hearts of fans of this beautiful music. He has appeared in several hundred performances in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Japan, and of course in the home of country music, the United States. Songs from his 12 CD’s (produced and recorded by himself in Nashville) have been played by the European country music radio stations for a number of years. He won a total of 12 European country music awards, including the much sought after "Male Artist of the Year" and the "Album of the Year Award” two years in a row for his productions "Where I'm Coming From" and "Talkin' Teardrops". As a well-known English country music DJ put it, "If you like country music, you'll like Andy Martin".

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It began over years 25 ago, when Buddy Dee travelled as a street musician around the country. Regular stage appearances took place in 1985, allowing Buddy to slowly think about giving up his job as a trucker. In 1991, the unknown from the Bernese Seeland shook up the native country scene with his band “Buddy Dee & the Ghostriders” and kept some experienced musicians on their toes. Today, Buddy can justly be proud of the successful career start. Although it has less to do with luck than with hard work, with his third and fourth CD’s (which were recorded with studio musicians in Nashville in 1995 and 1997), he made two great leaps forward. Both CD’s were produced by JOHN BRACK, who already benevolently had followed the development of this talented musician over the years. In the years afterwards, Buddy became a professional entertainer. He was seen on Swiss television, and has performed live across Switzerland (from the country Mecca Schützenhaus Albisgüetli to the Zurich Hallenstadion),  Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Poland, and Africa.

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Alex Klein’s country voice is commanding, as is his stature.
With more than 40 years of stage experience, he is also a talented guitarist who plays with passion everything that can be considered “twang”. For fifteen years, this American-influenced and trilingual citizen of Freiburg has been on the road, traveling continuously with his group “The Las Vegas Country Band” all over Switzerland, as well as through France, Spain, Egypt, and to Nashville and New Orleans. He has also participated in multiple country cruises in the Mediterranean. His success stems from a classic country repertoire together with the particular sensitivity that connects him with the country line dance circles. As a composer, he has produced three albums in Nashville, a city with which he has developed a real love story over the years: "Welcome Home" (2009), "Honky Tonk Saturday Night" (2011) and "Switzerland Country "(2013). In 2018, a 4th record production is underway, composed of big country and gospel standards, a topic close to Alex’s heart. And, as always, it is being produced in Nashville.

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