Country Festival, Albisgütli, Zürich
     6. February 2004 and Guest Appearance 18. February 2004

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On the 6th February 2004, earlier than ever before, Dusty Road fans streamed towards the fully booked Albisgüetli. Contrary to previous years the tables were placed right alongside the edge of the stage – this did not exactly thrill the Line Dancers, but the artists certainly enjoyed performing to a full house.


And yes – the first sound to be heard at this year’s 20th and longest country music festival in the world belonged to Heinz Flueckiger and his Dusty Road Band. The organisers certainly made a good choice by signing up Dusty Road for this Special Night as the supporting act for the Bellamy Brothers, America’s country super stars of the 70’s.
Heinz Flueckiger has been part of the country scene for the last 15 years and is always a highlight and full of surprises. The guys earned a little more attention than they got during the first set. As so often happens at concerts, the audience (other than the true fans, of course) seemed to be more caught up with their meal and their neighbours. What was being performed on stage was certainly of exceptional quality, and in no way “weird” – at this point one should ask the organisers to update the Dusty Road write-up in their festival magazine.
Heinz built the previously mentioned surprise into the second set. He brought Beija, his singing partner from the Amazing Grace church concerts onto the stage. The song “If tomorrow never comes”, arranged by Heinz Flueckiger as a duet, totally captivated the entire audience. Although Beija’s voice is more “soul”, she performed Cheryl Crow’s “Pictures” perfectly and after she sang Patsy Cline’s classic “I fall to pieces”, it was obvious – the audience wanted more! Heinz, your surprise came off very well and once again confirms that your place in the Top 10 of the Swiss country music scene is well deserved.
The second part of the evening was dedicated to oldies. The Bellamy Brothers still have their fans, and their chart hits from the 70’s and 80’s are really catchy. Even though they are getting on a bit – just like their fans – they still create a wonderful atmosphere wherever they perform. One would have wished for a just little more “emotion”, but after 40 years on stage and thousands of repeats of “Let your love flow”, it is understandable that one does get a little calmer.
At least Dusty Road as a “supporting act” showed us that there is a different way to go about it: You could certainly feel the fun and the enjoyment in their performance.


On the 18th February 2004, on the occasion of the 20 Years Jubilee of the Festival at Albisgüetli, Heinz had a Guest Appearance with  Baton Rouge, while this Appearance hi sang “She’s Not Crying Anymore”.
With Baton Rouge and other Guest as Marco Gottardi, Silvia Schürch and Jenny White they sung the good known song “Go Jonny Go” in swiss german as “Go Albi Go”.

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