Skiffle Night Arlesheim

         14. August 2004


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On August 14, 2004 Heinz Flueckiger invited to his first concert with his new Easy Skiffle Group (grown to 6 people in the meantime) in the dance hall of Arlesheim. Long before the concert began the hall was filled with guests full of expectation and excitement. Still not everybody knew what Skiffle music is and the advertising articles in the newspapers had made a lot of them curious. The concert started with a solo part by Heinz Flueckiger. The applause was guaranteed for his wonderful voice is made for solos and gives the audience the heebie-jeebies.

When Skiffle music is played, fun and variety come first. The audience got this feeling as soon as the musicians went on stage. Their own enthusiasm was very obvious. Many of the spectators were amazed of  how it is possible to make such emotional and beautiful music with so funny objects and utensils!
You have to hear it!