Pullman City, 2005
         28.- 31. August 2005


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Gruppenbild vor Hollinger-Car

Heinz Flückiger’s fans stick to their words! The planned trip with the fan-club members to the western town Pullman City took 

place in August 2005 already. Two members had done a great job in perfectly organizing everything in detail so that everybody had a seat in the bus, a comfortable accommodation and all this at a reasonable price. The fact that the trip was connected with a concert of Heinz Flueckiger and Band in Unterwasser didn’t make it easier! Hats off! It was a great trip!

As soon as you enter the western town you have the feeling of being in an other world! It takes you back in time and you can let everything else behind! Good country music in every saloon, nice shops, excellent, varied and advantageous restaurants and bars, a fort, tipi tents and blockhouses (can be used as accommodation),
Heinz Fluckiger   his Easy Skiffle Grouparchery and and and … - you have to see it yourself! It was of course not a coincidence that Heinz had a concert arrangement in Pullman City at the same time – but it was the initial reason for the trip and the highlight for all fans! However when Heinz Flueckiger brought his Easy Skiffle Group on stage it was a surprise for everybody. Obviously a pleasant one! Not only the present fans but also all other guests were thrilled of Heinz’ program and the performance of the Easy Skiffle Group. Outside, the lanes got emptier and emptier and everybody came to the music saloon! The atmosphere was great! A relaxed but attentive audience! The joy and devotion Heinz and his skifflers give into their music was passed on to the audience!